Year-end Dharma Program

HH Lhoga Rinpoche will be in Singapore to conduct our year-end Dharma program scheduled for Friday 24th November to Wednesday 29th November.  The program will start with a Question & Answer Session with His Holiness on Friday night followed by a five-day Longchen Nyingthig Phowa program.  Due to space constraints, we have to limit the number of participants in the program to 80.  Places in the program will be allocated when payment is received and places are still available.

Download Phowa Registration Form …

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Medicine Buddha Blessing & Chanting Month

Date: Oct 20 to Nov 17

Time: 8:00pm

Venue: Nyingma Kathok Buddhist Centre

Event & Registration Form:  Download here …

Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of the eastern Pure Land of Lapis Lazuli. He is regarded as the “King of Healing”. He made vows to heal those who are sick and to cure all sentient beings that suffer from incurable diseases. In these modern times, we are all very busy with our worldly activities and responsibilities and have little time to purify negativities and accumulate merits. So our negative karmas often ripen into all sorts of illnesses and problems.

Recognizing this, our resident teachers Lama Chozang and Lama Jigme will be doing the Medicine Buddha Sadhana for the whole of the 9th lunar month on behalf of the participants so that they can benefit from such a practice. Come receive protection and blessings from the KING of healing, the Medicine Buddha! Those who wish to have the Medicine Buddha Sadhana done on their behalf or their family members and friends, can do so by completing the form and sending it back to us.